MTR Corporation is recognised as one of the best performing and highest quality rail operators in the world. Originating from Hong Kong with busy metro services, MTR has expanded around the world to Australia (operating the Melbourne Metro) and Sweden (operating the Stockholm Metro and an inter-city service between Stockholm and Gothenburg).

Extensive experience in the UK rail industry

We’ve operated in the UK for a number of years, running the London Overground network from 2007 until 2016. During our tenure the London Overground had one of the highest right-time punctuality rates in the UK, and large expansion works were completed. In 2015 the business was re-accredited by Investors in People (IiP) and was also awarded 5-star EFQM accreditation for excellence.

We have also been awarded the contract to run Crossrail (renamed the Elizabeth Line), and will eventually run services from Reading, across London and to Shenfield in the east.

How we support our people

In 2009 MTRS took over Stockholm Metro. It was an operation that had ceased improving, and faced new targets to improve operational performance and customer service.

To achieve these targets, MTRS introduced a culture programme to break down barriers and improve communication between operations, support functions, management and staff.

Our aim was to create a common purpose, focused on an agreed vision, mission and set of values. Managers met with employees 3 times a year to discuss:

  1. What makes us proud and feel good at work?
  2. How to bring MTRS’ common values into daily-work guidelines
  3. Clarifying the responsibility for MTRS employees.

The HR team supported managers during this process and performance across its network was improved, while staff engagement rose from 32% to 86%.

Our Work Improvement Teams (WIT) cultivate a culture of continuous improvement, building pride among staff and stakeholders. They have developed new approaches, improved processes and systems and invented new equipment to make jobs faster, easier and safer. Based on trust, joint commitment and respect, they deliver continuous improvement and increased sustainability.

We developed the WIT concept in Hong Kong in 1988 and have since implemented it across all our operations in Stockholm, Beijing, Melbourne and London. Over the past 12 years, WITs have submitted around 7,000 quality improvement projects, ranging from efficiency enhancement and process streamlining, to customer satisfaction and environmental protection.

The scheme has been recognised externally by several awards including the gold quality award from the prestigious Hong Kong Management Association.